Geisha: a new adventure ahead 
Almost thirteen years ago, one of our biggest childhood dreams came through at the prins Hendrikkade 106: Geisha, our own restaurant. But now it’s time to pave the way for someone else’s dream… 
We were born and raised in a Chinese hospitality family. Our great grandfather chose to seek (and found!) adventure overseas and became one of the pioneers of the traditional Chinese restaurants in the Netherlands. His daughter and son in law (our grandparents), their children (our parents, 6 uncles and 2 aunts) followed in his footsteps and so did we. 
Growing up, we dreamed of one day owning a restaurant together, as siblings. A restaurant that respected our traditions, but with a modern take in a cosmopolitan atmosphere. On the 1st of February 2010 this dream came through, when Geisha officially opened its doors. The past 13 years our hearts have been filled with joy, because we were able to share our dream with so many people. With everyone that has been part of our service and kitchen team, with all the amazing suppliers of our products, but mostly with you: our beloved guest. 
You became our extended family, who we welcomed in our extended home. So many beautiful familiar faces and until this day, so many beautiful new faces. We are so grateful for every time you visited us at Geisha. For every special occasion you made us part of. We saw toddlers growing into teenagers, because they celebrated every single birthday with us. Then there were company dinners, that became traditions on a yearly basis. 
Every single smile, (return) visit, token of appreciation and kind words during these years were absolutely rewarding. We wholeheartedly enjoyed every single night of service. And are so grateful, for all your support and cherish all memories. 
But now it’s time to close this chapter. We hereby officially announce, that Geisha will close its doors at the Prins Hendrikkade at the 28th of December 2022. It’s time for a more than worthy successor to make his dream happen at this beautiful location: Ken Sushi. Ken Sushi will start a new restaurant at the location. We congratulate Ken Sushi and wish him all the best of luck.
But when one door closes, another opens. And there’s a new adventure ahead for us. From Spring 2023, Geisha will be moving to a new location. We will keep you updated. For now, our last weeks at the Prins Hendrikkade have started and we will continue our service until the 28th of December.
To everyone that was part of our Geisha journey so far: thank you so much. Our gratefulness goes beyond words. 
See you soon. 
With love, 
Dongmie Wang 
Meauw Chang-Wang
Meili Wang 
Xiao Ling Wang